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Natural & Safe

  • Steam Method Preparation 

  • Raw Method Preparation

  • Placenta Prints

  • Placenta Tinctures

  • Placenta Smoothies



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Raw or Steam Method


(*$50 discount is given to those whose births I am attending as doula or as a midwife assistant.)

Raw method is not recommended for those sensitive to caffeine or having thyroid issues. This method may be too stimulating for such women.


4oz Bottle


Highly recommended add-on!

Available as a single purchase for an alternative to those who do not wish to consume their placenta in capsule form. Discounts given if you want to purchase more than one tincture. 

1 - $25, 2 - $40, 3 - $55, 4 - $70


Prints & Cords

$10 Cord Keepsake

$20 Placenta Print

Cords can be shaped in various shapes, if you have a preference please let me know.

Placenta prints can be naturally colored using blood from the placenta, or food safe coloring can be used if you are wanting a custom look.



FREE delivery of finished placenta products within a 35 mile radius of Ripon, WI (or if I (Kristin) am attending your postpartum appointment as a midwifery student).

$30 charge for time and milage to deliver to your home or hospital for miles 35-70.

$50 charge for time and mileage to deliver to your home or hospital for miles 70-100.

*Have a friend or family member meet me somewhere to help avoid this fee*